How was the tour with Sunrise Avenue in March?
It was like taking a college degree on how things work on professional level when it comes to tour life and being in a band. It was also insanely cool to see how down to earth the guys of Sunrise Avenue are even though they’re REALLY big stars. Of course the best thing for us was to get to showcase our music for a lot of people and I think we won many fans on this trip. It was really a tour I will never forget.

Do you already have any favorite city or audience in Germany?
German audience in general is our favorite audience. A lot of the same people come to shows in different cities and that’s one of the coolest parts in playing in Germany. So my answer is… Germany is our favorite audience.

Were you kind of overwhelmed because of these big venues? When you played with Lovex, the clubs were way smaller…
I have been dreaming about playing these big venues since I was seven years old. Still I was totally terrified when we arrived at the first venue of the tour in Kiel. It was so scary but once the first show was over it felt incredible. There’s no way to prepare yourself to those venues except practicing the shit out of your set. Then you can focus on where you’re playing and for how many people. One of the biggest shows, I remember that I felt really comfortable during the concert and I felt that I could reach each and every people in that huge hall and that gave me a lot of strength.

How was Superscar founded and why did you name it Superscar?
We planted the roots of Superscar already back in year 2000 with Petteri. We have played together ever since and we’ve had a lot of names and different members since those days… naturally because we were 12 years old. Superscar’s lineup is complete nowadays. It would be really difficult to imagine someone else being in the band than the guys now. Before we signed our record contract we really had to think that this is serious now and the name we’re gonna use, we’re gonna wear it forever and we had many options but „Superscar“ was a result of my brainstorming and it hit all of us instantly and we decided to use it.

Your first album is out now. Did you like the feedback so far? Did you expect the reactions?
I’m not really interested in the feedback if I like the record myself. This first record has been a great kickstart for our long coming career. I’m having my eyes fully on the next one already.

Where do you get the inspirations from when you’re writing new songs?
From normal feelings and emotions. When I feel strong about something it’s always easy to write a song about it. I fall in love for maybe 5-10 times a day so it’s good for the music! I’m an extremely emotional person…

What are your next plans?
To write new songs all the time, physical release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland area and to go back on the road!

Can we maybe expect a headliner tour in Germany?

If you could chose a band to tour with – which one would it be?
No matter what band if the people are nice and the food is good! Would be nice to make some kind of a club tour and play totally strange places around the world.

Are you dreaming of making a living out of music or are you satisfied with making music and doing a normal job besides?
Everything I do in my life is for the band. It’s the thing I can do best and I focus all my strength on it. Moneywise people have to do other stuff, too sometimes…

What are your idols?
Big artists who have always believed in their own thing and made it big and still keep their head cool. Coldplay… U2… Sunrise Avenue…


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